Words Are Important

In life, we tend to speak to many people. But, at any point of time we can’t speak just like that. The people to whom we speak most of the time are our parents, relatives and friends. Whomsoever we speak, we should speak with appropriate words. There are three P’s that are vital while u speak. First is the politeness, second is the preciseness and the third is the positiveness.

Being Polite in every aspect solves many problems that occurs in and around you. Expressing your thoughts politely adds beauty to the words you speak and attracts more people. Everyone gets attracted to soft words which could only be expressed by being polite in your words. Rather than being harsh and scolding by words, adapt yourselves to be soft in handling situations by outpouring your words politely.It increases your gentleness too.

Secondly, the Precise nature. Every word you speak should be precise and articulate. Words, once when let out, can never be taken back. So, it is very important that your words are meaningful, apt to the current situation, loud and clear. Moreover, it is obvious that everyone listen to your words if it is too crispy. So, you will be praised if your words are clear.

Third comes the Positiveness. Positiveness is very important because if you had let any word irrelevant to the situation, the other person may get hurt and there may be a break in the relationship. The words you speak should lead the other people in a positive way. Never ever scold anyone with harsh or negative words. Try to be positive in every work you do. Make your mind set to be positive, automatically your words will come out positively. Speaking good words at right situations may increase the blandness in you and the surrounding people.

Be optimistic. Speak choosy words. Celebrate life


~ by raviram200 on February 17, 2008.

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